Good morning.

My brothers, my sister, and I grew up in central/eastern Massachusetts, which provided a snowy landscape in the wintertime for our imagination. Whether we played street hockey just across the street at the neighbors or built snow forts to hide behind as mischievous children; we often played out the scenarios which we found in the TV shows and movies that we watched. In fact, building snow forts was one of our favorite activities, which offered decent protection from the onslaught of snowballs! After a while, this simple mounded snow lost its luster in the chill, and we’d all retreat indoors, building houses out of pillows and blankets hanging them from whatever else was available e.g. a well-placed end table. It seemed almost instinctive to want a hiding place where we could feel safe and secure.


David, the singer-poet of Israel, probably did not face the hail of snowballs that we did from a contrived enemy. Rather, he faced real threats, and despite the evidence of these, the Scriptures reveal an amazing security and confidence in the Almighty. Psalm 17:8 asserts, “[God] keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.” In spite of the threats, in spite of a dangerous world, David was convinced of the true safe place that God is.


Where is your safe place?


We can know that same confidence. The God who promises to never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) is the One we also can trust with our lives every day. He is our safe place.


I am excited to be with you at our Celebration Service this coming Sunday at 10 am. It’s MLK day weekend, and it’s also when we’ll be re-launching our Life Groups and for those who’ve never attended one: we’ll be hosting a Welcome Lunch, sharing a bit about the history of our local church, a bit of the history of the Association of Vineyard Churches, and core values. I hope to see you here at the church or online.


In His Service,