Greetings and good morning,

I am so happy to report that this weekend was the culmination of a month of efforts by team Vineyard to create and set a space for the Holy Spirit to work this past Sunday evening as we hosted the Glory of God of the South Shore prayer meeting. One of the things that I’ve experienced (as I’ve attended many of these meetings over the past couple of years) is the evidence of the Spirit here on Sunday evening. I think about how John and Carol Wimber were part of the Quakers, and how John would stand behind his piano between songs, for awkward long pauses waiting for the Spirit to speak. Friends, Greg and the team did that this weekend. In fact, I’d say each speaker was relying on the Spirit of God to move as they shared and as Sonia translated.

At the end, something happened with very little planning. Paul Jehle (the Pastor and a long-time friend from New Testament Church in Cedarville) really tied everything together, highlighting how/when the Spirit was moving. If you didn’t get to see the Sunday night meeting, it would be worth engaging.

Back to John Wimber, for a second. A story comes to mind out of the book, John Wimber: His Life and Ministry, by Connie Dawson. In a brief re-tell, a person came to John and articulated a sin problem. John responded, “All you need to do is to go to church more!”

As John walked away he heard a question asked of him by the Lord, “John, would you go to this church if you weren’t paid to?” His own gut-level reaction was, “No way, I wouldn’t come here. I don’t really like this place!” He said this, even as he recognized that he had led many in the congregation to the Lord. John’s fingerprints were all over that ministry. With these realizations, he ran to his office, fell on his face, and sobbed, “How did I get this way, God?” The Lord was merciful to his servant’s cry, and quickly answered, saying that the problem was that he had given himself to the things that looked like God rather than to the things of God.

In the glow of this answer, John replied, “God, get me out of here!”

Church, this is a great reminder and a warning.

Standing in the lobby after the service, I can tell you that people who visited us were lit up. Let us always be a place where people can come in from the highways and byways and experience the power and the presence of God at our meetings. Gatherings, where God can do whatever He wants.

Peace be with you,