Careworks is a ministry of caring and practical help that reaches out to people in need or those in financial crisis both in our church body and in our community.

Careworks operates the Vineyard Resource Center located at 41 Pottle Street in Kingston. The hours of operation are Mondays from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM and Tuesdays from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM. If there is questionable weather, please call to see if we are open. We will not put our volunteers or our clients at risk driving.

Careworks provides:

Emergency food assistance
Clothing and household goods
Emergency financial assistance (when available)
Referrals for social services

Help Wanted:

People with a heart to reach out to the poor and those in need. We are always looking for men and women with genuine compassion and a vision to reach out to the poor.

Interested? Contact Karen Hernandez at 781-585-6897 or email


Careworks Volunteers:

Mondays from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM and Tuesdays 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM at the Vineyard Resource Center to stock our food pantry and minister to clients who come for assistance.

Food Pantry Help:

Careworks receives a food delivery from The Greater Boston Food Bank on the first Wednesday each month.  This food delivery is in the morning and varies from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM.  We need help transporting the food order from Plymouth to our food pantry in Kingston.  We also need help unloading the food boxes and also restocking the shelves. This does require lifting boxes that can weigh from 5 pounds up to 50 pounds. The unloading and restocking usually takes about an hour.  If you can help, please call Careworks at 781-585-6897.

Careworks Needs:

Our food pantry needs non-perishable food, paper products, cleaning supplies and toiletry items. Please note: We do not accept out of date food. We also need clothing for men, women and children, along with sheets, blankets and towels. We accept clothing in good to excellent condition and in current style. We accept food and clothing donations during our hours of operation. New items of clothing and household items will be used for our annual Christmas season giveaway where clients can choose new items either for themselves or to be given as a gift.


Community Assistance and Resource Evangelism Ministry

THANK YOU Church!  

   On behalf of the Careworks Ministry, I would like to THANK YOU Church, for your generous donations to your food pantry and resource center. We are solely dependent upon donations to maintain this evangelism ministry. We are completely run by volunteers and every penny that is donated goes to providing  people in our community with food, clothing and sometimes finances to prevent eviction, electric shut offs, canceled insurance and to provide heat.  


   Careworks has been helping families in need since 1990. In 2019, we served 1,329 families from Plymouth, Kingston and surrounding communities. 95 of them were first time users at our pantry.  This is 189 more families then in 2018. These 1,329 families represent 1,920 adults, 1,063 children and 377 seniors for a total of 3,370 people helped.  We distributed 8,714 bags of food and 1,278 bags of clothing. This is almost 1,000 more bags of food and 300 more bags of clothes then last year. 2019 saw changes in the allocation of federal grants going to food stamps. Less funding is going to food stamps and more money is going to food banks like Boston Greater Food Bank and Plymouth Food Bank. This enables us to receive more food for free to be distributed. Due to these changes in food stamps, the rising costs of rent, utilities and groceries, we see more new families each week that are in need of assistance. Most of our families are hardworking single moms, disabled or seniors living on a fixed SS income. Some have experienced unexpected illness or injury that prevents them from working. Reports show that one in nine residents of Eastern Massachusetts struggles to afford healthy meals on a regular basis.


   For many of our clients, we are the only church they know!! Our clients come in need of food and clothing but more than that, they need to experience God. We provide our clients with our testimonies of Jesus and prayer. We show them the love of Jesus. We bring the good news to the poor. We offer prayer to everybody who comes through our doors and most say, “Yes!” Some of our people come JUST for prayer! Praying gives us an opportunity to share Jesus and invite our God into their lives. Come Holy Spirit!!! Many have experienced physical manifestations of His presence as well as healings and seeing prayers answered. We have seen families become part of church families after experiencing God at Careworks.


 The Careworks Ministry and its volunteers are pleased to serve our God and our community by providing food, clothing and His Kingdom come for these families in need. THANK YOU for every dollar you put into that striped collection bag. THANK YOU for every donation made on our website THANK YOU for every piece of gently used clothing… etc. that is put in the bin in the coat closet. THANK YOU awesome volunteers! THANK YOU for your prayers for this ministry. We cannot do it without YOU!!……There are many families blessed because of you!  Thank You, His Servants, John and Karen Hernandez



How Can YOU Give?

      We need people to partner with us in supporting Careworks.  We are totally dependent on donations to maintain your food pantry and resource center. There are a few ways you can give. You can easily set up an automatic monthly donation by filling out a form, available at the office, that will allow for a 1 time donation or a reoccurring donation from a debit or charge card. You can go to , click on menu lines, scroll down to Give Online, scroll down to Gift to Careworks, fill out amount, choose monthly donation or one time gift, choose to pay  by paypal, debit or credit card. You can go through your on line banking account and set up an automatic donation or you can put your donation into the striped bag that is passed around on Sunday. Every penny donated goes to providing assistance to the poor. We are completely run by a team of volunteers. Please pray about how you can partner with God’s plan for Careworks. You can’t out give God!

Who Else Helps

      There are some outside organizations that gave to Careworks in 2019. We were blessed with $2,000 from Plymouth Lions Club, $1,000 from Kiwanis club, $60 from the Big Y bag sales pus they gave us 100 gift cards worth $10 each, Pennies for Hunger gave us $500, Celebrate Recovery $300, Men’s Night Out Fundraiser Dinner raised $850 and Planet Aid pays us 4 cents a pound for all our discarded clothing so we received $113 from them. Total gifting $4,823. 

Where Does The Money Go?

      Our Expenses for 2019 were Rent $13,200, Electric $1,431, Phone $360, Heat $476, Food $865 and supplies $127 for a total of $16,461.    

      We blessed people with financial help. $3,080 for rent, 1,244 for car payments, $705 for car insurance, 276 for electric , $40 for laundry, $60 for phone for a total of $5,405. WE would like to be able to help more.

     We blessed children at Christmas with over $700 in gift cards and over 60 gift items.

Thank You Church!


What is the Vision for Careworks Future?

     We would love to buy our own building. There is grant money available for this BUT we need people who can apply for the grants. Is that YOU? In order to buy a building we need to have people who will commit to partnering with us financially on a monthly basis. Is that YOU? We need people who would like to be part of our volunteer team. Is that YOU? We need people to pray for this Community Assistance and Resource Evangelism Ministry Is that YOU? If you feel like God is poking your heart to be part of what He is doing in this ministry for the poor, please contact John or Karen Hernandez. God Bless You!