Invite Ministry

The Invite Ministry focuses on ways to be a representation of God’s love in our community.

We believe that the church has to leave the building & be intentional about building relationships with people in our communities. Our desire is for everyone to encounter God’s love & to see that Jesus is “inviting” them into a personal relationship as His disciple. One way we accomplish this is by going out to public areas & inviting people to church or to a special event, and looking for opportunities to pray for people.

We also demonstrate God’s love in practical ways such as:

  • offering to pay for peoples’ laundry
  • paying for people in the checkout line at Walmart
  • delivering food to housing complexes
  • collecting food to donate to Careworks
  • helping out with yard work
  • serving coffee & bagels to those who participate in the Kingston Memorial Day Parade

Interested? Contact Seth Andreson at 781-585-4776 or email