Would you like to help me test a new resource for helping new believers become real disciples? The purpose of this 13-week class is:
To grow closer to God and one another and to lay a biblical
foundation for continued growth and change as a disciple of Jesus

As we read the New Testament, it becomes very clear that Jesus didn’t call converts, he called – and is still calling – disciples who want to become more like him. This class will help every participant in three ways:

  • Equipping for Ministry—Jesus’ method of winning the world was to equip the disciples to be just like Him, then send them out into the world to touch others. To be fully equipped, we must know what we believe, why we believe it and how to apply it in everyday life. In each session we’ll look at a core truth of the Christian life with these three equipping goals in mind.
  • Receiving Ministry—Before we can be effective doers of God’s Word, we must allow His truth to transform our hearts. In each session you will have an opportunity to receive ministry from Jesus: encouragement, empowering, forgiveness, healing, and so on.
  • Involvement in Ministry—For most Christians, the period of greatest growth comes as we pass on to others what we have learned about the Christian life. Outreach is a primary goal of all discipleship, helping others to get grounded in an eternal relationship with Christ. Every session will end with a challenge to put into action some key aspect of what you have learned about Christian life.
Learning, receiving, acting. As we grow into greater maturity our lives will be changed, along with many of the lives we come into contact with.

I am hoping to launch a small group to test this resource: Is it effective? Can we use this as an ongoing training tool? Are there changes we’d like to incorporate?

Time and place
This class will initially meet on Zoom on Saturday mornings from 8:30 to 10:00 am. The start date will be Saturday, April 10, the weekend after Easter.

To register, please email me: don@thevineyardkingston.org.

With faith and love!

Don Andreson